066113A: Full suspension bush kit SPORT 066113A_24mm


Pcs / prod: 1|Required/car: 1|Pcs / KIT: 28

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KIT ID: 066113A

Name: Full suspension bush kit SPORT


  • Fiat 125p 1300/1500
  • Polonez


  • 8x 061223A Front Anti Roll End Link Bush SPORT
  • 2x 061253AFront Anti Roll Bar Bush SPORT
    • Notes: Measure Anti Roll Bush diameter before placing order
  • 2x 061224A Front Lower Arm Bush SPORT
  • 2x 061225A Front Upper Long Arm Bush SPORT
  • 2x 061226A Front Upper Short Arm Bush SPORT
  • 2x 061231A Front Tie Bar to Chassis Bush SPORT
  • 2x 061177A Rear suspension front spring bush
  • 2x 061178A Rear suspension spring shackle bush
  • 2x 061179A Rear suspension rear spring bush
  • 4x 061180A Rear suspension diff link bush

Pcs / KIT: 28

D0603 Rear suspension Polyurethane Fiat 125p Polonez
D0604 Front suspension Polyurethane Fiat 125p Polonez

Hardness: 90ShA


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