036098A: Full suspension bush kit SPORT 036098A


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KIT ID: 036098A

Name: Full suspension bush kit SPORT


  • BMW E21 75-82


  • 2x 031319A Front anti roll bar mounting bush 18-23mm SPORT
  • 2x 031320ARear anti roll bar mounting bush 15-24mm SPORT
  • 2x 031321A Front lower inner bush SPORT
  • 2x 031322A Front lower outer bush SPORT
  • 2x 031446A Front Lower Outer Bush 42mm SPORT
  • 4x 031314A Rear Trailing Arm Bush SPORT
  • 8x 131126A Front Eye Bolt Mounting Bush SPORT
  • 2x 031323A Rear diff mounting bush SPORT
  • 2x 031466A Rear beam mounting bush SPORT

Pcs / KIT: 20


There are two types of bushes FRONT LOWER OUTER BUSH:
conical (031322) and cylindrical 42mm (031446). 

031322 bush fits models from 1975 to 1978, bush 031446 fits from 1978 to 1983.
Before buying make sure which type is in Your car. 

D0307 Front suspension Polyurethane BMW E21
D0308 Rear suspension Polyurethane BMW E21
D0309 Rear diff mounting bush Polyurethane BMW E21
D0328 Rear beam Polyurethane BMW E21

Hardness: 90ShA


To every product we add grease!

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